Frequently asked questions that potential and new members may have:

What happens at a rehearsal?

  • We sing  --  we sing a lot! We start out with a physical warm up (light stretches) to get our bodies ready and then we do vocal warm ups. We have a regular repertoire of songs that we sing throughout the year. When you visit, we lend you a big binder of sheet music so you can sing along with us. Most of the time we are working on an upcoming performance so we sing through those songs. Other times, we might be working on something new, but we spend a solid three hours on the risers singing together to be as strong a unit as possible.

How do I know what part I sing?

  • Vienna-Falls has a Music Team and one of us will meet with you and have you sing something simple like Happy Birthday. Don't be nervous! Whatever tone your voice, there is a singing part for you! You will be placed into one of four parts. If you have sung in a chorus or in a church choir, the parts are different in barbershop. The high part is the Tenor; the melody is typically sung by the Lead; the lowest part is the Bass and the Baritone rounds out the harmony part between Bass and Lead.

How much does it cost to visit a Vienna-Falls rehearsal?

  • It costs nothing to visit a rehearsal with us! Nowhere will you find something so much fun today that is free! And it is truly a sweet experience to sing with a worldwide chorus of friends. When you express interest in becoming a member, we will provide you with all the details about membership dues.

Who can be in a quartet?

  • Any four members who make up the four parts may join up to practice together as a quartet. If they decide they really like their sound, and want to perform or compete as a Sweet Adeline quartet, they will audition for the music team who will determine whether they are performance ready. They can register a quartet name at any time with Sweet Adelines International, in accordance with International requirments for membership.

Do I have to read music to join?

  • Not at all! But it helps if you are familiar with music. Many of our members don't read music, but pick up some of those skills as they go along, as it is helpful when learning and interpreting new songs. But there are other tools available, such as recorded learning tracks, and rehearsal recordings every week that you can listen to.

Can I get involved in other ways in addition to singing?

  • We want you to be involved as much as you like! There are a variety of committees where your talents and abilities can shine, such as choreography, staging and props for shows, marketing, costuming, stage makeup, facilities set up, and lots of coordination to be done when we travel to competition. We also do a variety of fundraisers so there are many ways to be involved beyond standing on the risers.

What is the age limit? Am I too young/old to join?

  • You are never too old! Membership is open to women (including transgender women) and non-binary people assigned female at birth in accordance with the standard procedure for “Chapter Membership Admittance” as described in the Sweet Adelines International Policy Book, who are 13 years of age or older. Until a member reaches age 18, a prospective member may be considered for youth membership if they are a relative of an active member who is in good standing and who will assume total responsibility for their welfare.

I'm interested, but not sure about the time I can commit. What should I do? 

  • Pay us a visit! If you love to sing, and you get hooked on the barbershop sound, you will figure out how to work this magical experience into your weekly schedule.

Can I come to a rehearsal and just watch and listen?

  • Guests are welcome to view any chorus rehearsal, but we warn you - your foot will be tapping and you'll love our enthusiasm. The fun and lasting friendships will keep you returning week after week.
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